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Baby Elegance Glider Crib Cream

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Includes Mattress.

The Elegant Glider Crib rocks your little one gently off to sleep with the sensation that they’re being cradled in your arms. It’s the calm and soothing way to help your newborn drift off naturally.
Made from a natural beech wood that adds natural warmth to any bedroom, the Elegant Glider Crib can be positioned next to your bed so that you can rock it gently by hand, even when you’re in bed.



  • Simple, durable design and construction,
  • Securely fixed sides, make the Baby Elegance Glider Crib the ideal choice if your baby likes a little movement in their first few months
  • Made from a natural beech wood, the Glider crib is built to last.
  • Rocking option to sooth baby


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