Chicco Balloon Bouncer - Mirage

Chicco Balloon Bouncer - Mirage

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Coloured and relaxing bouncer from chicco! Headrest adjustable to 3 position. Can be used in fixed or rocking mode. Multi-functional toy bar that stimulate tactile and psychological skills with sounds, melodies and the possibility to record the voice. Vibration on the seat to calm and cuddle the baby. The body cushion can be easily removed. The balloon follows the child's growth and become a toy panel that can be attached to the child's bed. Easy to fold and ultra-compact. Removable and washable lining. Removable booster cushion.

The vibration function reminds the baby of travelling in a car and helps to go to sleep.

With vibrating function, tunes and colourful lights.

Recording system to play the mother's voice.

It becomes a comfy chair when the baby can sit unaided till 18kg.

Has both fixed and rocking modes and easily folds for storage.