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Cybex Talos S Lux EX-DISPLAY Bundle-Moon Black

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  • Talos S Lux
  • Cot S
  • Car seat adapters
  • Cup holder

Venture off-road with the Talos S Lux: an outdoor stroller for all the challenges of family travel. The Talos S Lux has a large and luxurious seat with enhanced side protection for your child. Cobblestones, forest paths and hiking trails can all be navigated with big never-flat all-terrain wheels and smooth all-wheel suspension.

Luxury Seat

The large seat unit of the Talos S Lux is the last word in luxurious comfort and safety—with enhanced side protection for your child’s upper body and hips.


Included free with the CYBEX Talos S Lux is the windstopper: The windstopper provides protection from wind, rain and harsh weather and keeps your child warm.

Puncture-proof all-terrain wheels

Comfortable yet durable, Talos S lux wheels give adventurous parents the freedom to tackle any surface.

Smooth all-wheel suspension

Travel in comfort over a variety of surfaces with allwheel suspension—mobility for you and uninterrupted sleep for your child.

Ergonomic lie flat

Talos S Lux is fully adjustable into an ergonomic lie-flat position for use from birth.

Supreme XXL canopy

Shield your child from the elements with an extendable Supreme XXL sun canopy made of UPF50+ protective fabric, featuring a mesh window for breathability and healthy air circulation on hot days.

Travel System

One frame, four travelling options. In addition to the standard stroller seat the Talos S Lux frame is compatible with the lux seat, our award-winning infant car seats, the Cot S and the snug Cocoon S.

Additional Features

With one hand the Talos S Lux can be easily folded into a free-standing package, for convenient stowing and storage. recline the backrest to a full lie-flat position.

Allowing the steering level to be tailored to the height of the parent, the handlebar height can be easily adjusted with one hand.

The seating height of the Talos S Lux is aligned with standard table heights, helping your child to take part in family meals without needing to leave their stroller.

A spacious shopping basket allows you to carry loads of up to 5 kg, making it a practical companion whether you’re on a shopping trip or simply need a place to sling your shoulder bag.


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