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OBABY Evie Underdrawer 140x70cm -Cashmere

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A modern silhouette accompanied by inlayed detailing, beautiful natural wood, and unique brass hardware. Enjoy a choice of two calming colours: Cashmere with wood trim or stunning solid white.  

The Obaby Evie collection is perfect for parents who want to blend contemporary features, without compromising on practicality. 

The Obaby Evie Under Drawer coordinates perfectly with the rest of the Evie collection. It creates a handy storage solution to keep your little one’s things neat and tidy.

Under Drawer Features:

* Optional handy under drawer, providing extra storage for your little one’s belongings
* Maintains the same traditional design as the rest of the Evie collection, making it the perfect finishing touch. 

Dimensions – 139 x 61 x 17cm


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