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Outlook Shade a Babe 2in1

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Shade-a-Babe 2 in 1

 The original high protection sun and sleep shade designed to protect your baby’s delicate eyes and skin from the sun. Now with a snooze blind so it can be naptime, anytime.

• Guaranteed to fit your pram or pushchair, including front facing, rear facing and travel systems

• All-round protection from sun, glare, insects & wind

• Black-out blind blocks light and distractions so baby can nap on-the-move

• Eye-shield™ screens 99% UV and glare, helping to prevent long term eye damage

• Single mesh side vents allow effective cross ventilation

• Central panels open fully for easy access

• Suitable from birth to 4 years

• Packs into handy, built-in storage pouch

• Endorsed by the Skin and Cancer Foundation Australia


The NEW shade-a-babe snooze plus includes:

 UPF50+ shade visor/eye shield - A pull down visor gives extra protection to the face, protecting delicate skin and eyes by blocking 99% of UVA & UVB rays. The visor can be folded back when not in use.

 Solar-screen™ front panel - A see-through mesh front panel screens 90% of UVA & UVB yet still allows your child to see out (it is rather like looking through sunglasses). It also protects from flying insects. The mesh panel can be zipped closed or left partially or fully open, as required.

 Pull up blackout blind - For naptime on-the-go, close the snooze blind to block light and distractions. You will find in time that closing the blind helps cue to the baby that it is time to sleep. Easy to peep through the sides of the blind to check on sleeping baby.

 Solar-screen™ side vents - Side panels made from a single, open-weave mesh layer allow crucial cross ventilation to help keep baby cool and safe. Blocks minimum of 70% of UVA & UVB.


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