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SnuzCurve Pregnancy Support Pillow-Grey

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Snüz SnuzCurve Pregnancy Pillow

SnuzCurve is the first pregnancy pillow that guides mums into the perfect sleep posture and has been developed over 2 years with leading experts including midwives, chiropractors, health visitors, physios, sleep professionals, design engineers and of course… mums to be!

  • The first pregnancy pillow that actually guides you into the correct sleep position, with KneeBlade™
  • Unique shape and curvature comforts and supports your whole body
  • Developed with health professionals and experts at every stage
  • Takes pressure off all key stress points
  • Creates a neutral spine posture that helps reduce back pain
  • Compact size and cooling breathable materials for comfort all night
  • Retains your existing preferred head pillow
  • Stays fresh and clean, with a machine washable liner


SnuzCurve’s innovative KneeBlade™ guides your body into that perfect sleep position, by taking pressure off your hips, legs and ankles. It also supports your upper body, reducing both back pain and pressure on your bump. With SnuzCurve, you can now give your body the rest it needs and actually stay in that perfect sleep position.


We understand that sleep during pregnancy is complex, so we assembled a panel of experts that are leaders in their field, to consult on the SnuzCurve’s design, features, materials and the guidance we provide you. Every inch of SnuzCurve is built on their expertise, so you can now rest assured, knowing that all aspects of your pregnancy sleep has been considered and advised by the very best!


Your body is going through huge changes, both physically and mentally. So when we developed SnuzCurve, we didn’t want to just support your body, we wanted to support your mind too. That’s why every SnuzCurve comes with a sleep support video series created by our experts, to help guide you through your pregnancy.

We’ll get you drifting off in comfort, and in confidence. So you can wake up recharged and ready for whatever tomorrow brings, knowing we’ve done the research, and we’ve got your back.


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